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Platelet Rich Plasma Preparation Kit (PRP Tube)

basic information
Product presentations
Longtime Platelet Rich Plasma Preparation Tube (PRP Tube) can be used to concentrate of platelet, which are obtained from autologous blood through centrifugation with special separation gel.
Longtime PRP Tube is based on one-step centrifugal technique. It has the advantages of accurate separation, simple operation, safe and effective.  
Core technology
1.Precision cell separation technique
——Automatic separation, accurate control
2.Biomimetic membrane treatment for the inner surface of the tube
——Platelet activation can be avoided effectively
3.Preparation technology of autologous thrombin serum
——Timely activation, Immunological response can be avoided
Safety Assurance:
● Operated at sealed system, eliminate contamination
● It is sterile, pyrogen-free, no cytotoxicity, no sensitization and good blood compatibility.
● Passed《Guangdong Medical Devices Quality Surveillance and Test Institute》 biocompatibility safety assessment.
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